Our Services

We can offer a wide range of architectural services, from pre purchase through to completion. A flexible fee structure enables us to hand over a project to the Client at the end of any of the stages below.

At Penton Architects, we believe that architecture should not only be functional but also exhilarating, tailored to its surroundings, site conditions, and historical context. Our commitment is to craft spaces that inspire and delight, and we approach each project with hands-on involvement and unwavering dedication.

Pre Purchase

We can provide purchasers advice on potential opportunities on sites / buildings both residential and small commercial.


Providing advice and sketch designs for Clients with guidance on potential construction costs. This is often our starting point with a Client. We can help to finalize a brief; looking at the specific building / site features to maximise views, light, future possible requirements and Local Authority constraints.

Planning Consent

We prepare drawings and other information in order to make a formal application to the Local Authority for Permitted Development, Planning Approval, Listed Building Consent, and Conservation Area Consent. We have considerable positive experience with Local Authorities throughout the South East of England and London Boroughs.

Detail Design

Following on from a planning approval we can work up the scheme in sufficient detail to enable an accurate cost to be provided by Contractors. On domestic projects we can tailor our service to suit the level of input our Client’s wish to have; some prefer to select most of the fixtures and fittings however we can make suggestions or provide a full service where all elements are selected and specified. This information is then included in a set of Construction Information. It is during this stage that we can submit for Building Regulations Approval on behalf of the Client.


We have considerable experience of a range of construction firms and can assist our Client in selecting those who would be suitable for the scale and complexity of the project, and issuing them information in order for them to Tender for the Construction work.


Penton Architects can provide either full management of a construction project with site visits, valuations and issuing of Architects Certificates. As this is not always required by our Clients we can equally just visit site when requested and answer site queries on a more ad hoc basis.